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Tonic [ton-ik] n:

something that invigorates, refreshes, or restores

High Intensity. Low Impact. Big Results.

The best total body workout focused around functional movement that will strengthen, sculpt, and tone all major muscle groups with low impact exercises in just 45 minutes, leaving you feeling invigorated. Breath, posture, muscle focus, alignment, and core strength are fundamental aspects of Tonic Method. Exercises are done at a slow, deliberate pace, with both eccentric and concentric movements to work muscles to fatigue while adding bursts of cardio making the heart pump, muscles quiver, and delivering big results.

Tonic Method is a new approach to fitness on a unique machine that is inspired by the Pilates Reformer, but that has been modified and enhanced to provide greater intensity, new exercises, more resistance, and a completely unique type of workout.